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With constant innovation, flexibility, performance and versatility, we, at Star Group of Industries Ltd", constantly keep a keen eye on the innovation and the upgradation of our products. Since our inception in the year 1992, we have relentlessly catered to the varied requirements of the customers. This sincere attribute has established us as one of the most distinguished manufacturers & exporters of more than 5000 different types of ferrous and non-ferrous parts majorly for Automotive industry ,Business machines & Shock-Absorbers, Home appliance components, Lock parts. We also do manufacture refrigeration compressor parts; sintered bronze filters automotive (machined parts) & sheet metal components. Rigid quality assurance system is implemented by us at each stage of the manufacturing process; covering quality planning, process control and product testing. Our adherence to these principles has led to a phenomenal growth in sales and a large base of satisfied customers in India and across the world. We maintain a worldwide presence by exporting to the international markets. The products with high quality, superior performance and innovativeness have helped us to remain far ahead of our competitors.

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